Kirsten Grigor

I have always had a need to create and make things. I obtained my fine arts degree from Penn State in drawing and painting, and I am a self- taught woodworker. I began creating abstract pen drawings in 2014 when I found myself in the midst of a stressful life transition. Confined by space and looking for something to occupy my hands and calm my mind, I picked up a small pad and felt-tip pen. What began as doodles soon transformed into detailed abstractions that gave me a sense of control over a part of my life that felt so out of control and chaotic. Drawing became my meditation and allowed me to slow down, open my eyes, and appreciate the world surrounding me.

I look for beauty in the mundane and find inspiration everywhere in the natural and human-made world from the stripes of a zebra and blossoms of a flower to the hubcaps of a mack truck and the twist of a wrought iron fence.

My goal is to create a stunning visual experience for the viewer. Mixing curves and sharp edges, I create imagery that mimics the flow and jabs we encounter in life. The simple black and white palette allows me to focus on the detail of the imagery. The layered visual experience is one of calm and chaos, beauty, and movement, blending seamlessly to create on the page a choreography of life.

My drawings are free-hand using a fine felt-tip marker on acid free paper. Limited edition prints are created with archival ink on acid free paper.