Susan Graham


Artist Statement

Susan Smith Graham is a local artist specializing in acrylic painting. She has a B.A. Degree from the University of Washington in Anthropology, and a B.S. and B. Arch. Degree in Architecture from Penn State. She was a practicing architect in State College for many years.

Susan has worked in several areas of the visual arts, including oil painting, printmaking, and sculpture. Her primary focus at this point is abstract expressionistic painting using acrylics. In this medium she can explore and expand her strong interest in the interplay and mutual reinforcement of color, light and free form. Her paintings provoke a strong interaction between the intent and imagination of the artist, relative to that of the observer.

Susan has exhibited her work in several showings in the State College area. She is a member of the Art Alliance of State College. In addition to her work as an artist, Susan is a cellist with the Nittany Valley Symphony and the Nittany String Quartet. She resides in State College with her husband and Westie dog, Chloe.

Plosive Ire by Susan Graham