Scott Owens


I graduated from Penn State in 1972 with a Bachelors degree in Art Education and entered the business world upon graduation.  I spent 25 years managing a restaurant and bar in State College (Village Inn/Billiards & Brew) and another 25 years in the S.C.A.S.D. as a para/cued speech interpreter (still employed).

State College has been my home for 60+ years.  I was born in Lewistown, PA and married my high school sweetheart, Dannette (Shaffer) Owens.  My daughter, Tara, and her husband, Billy Huber, live in Austin, TX with our two grandchildren, Landon (4rd grade) and Giselle (1st grade).  My son, Matthew, is currently attending grad school at the University of South Carolina (the real USC!) working on a Masters in Licensed Clinical Social Work.

Why sunsets?  In the summer of 1997, while taking a family vacation abroad, I decided to call home  to my brother just to check in on things.  The call was from a phone booth (way before cell phones!) on the busy streets of Paris.  My brother had the misfortune of having to tell me that my mother had suddenly passed away a few days earlier.  I was in shock!  There were lots of tears and I didn’t know what to do.  Should I leave my family and fly back to the USA somehow?  My brother said that there was no need to do anything.  There wouldn’t be a service until the fall when the whole family could get together.  But I still felt helpless… useless… like I should have been there!  A few hours after that call home, there was a beautiful sunset over the city of Paris.  In my deep shock and despair, this sunset spoke to me.  It was a message from my mother saying, “Everything is ok… I’m fine and you will be ok too.”  Ever since then, when I see a beautiful sunset, I see a message from my mother!

Please visit my website at:  Most of my sunset photos were taken here in the Centre Region.  Since my daughter lives in Texas, there are some sunsets from that area, as well as a few other places across the USA.   Most of the photographs can be ordered in smaller or larger sizes.