“Houses” by Nancy Burch Brassington opens Sept 7, 6–8pm

Show runs through September 30

Nancy Burch Brassington will have an art exhibition titled, “Houses” at the Art Alliance Gallery Downtown, opening on Friday, September 7, from 6–8pm.

Her artist statement says:

I use objects to suggest the presence of the absent human body. I wish to imbue objects with an uncanny psychological and sometimes erotic presence through juxtaposition of the conscious and the unconscious mind.

I take pleasure in the process of making art that crosses the lines of traditional women’s work. Once I noticed this happening, I encouraged it. For example, I begin the painting by choosing a fabric and making the tablecloth that will be part of the still life.

I enjoy playing with those concepts ranging from the ordinary to the philosophical. The image of an apple can be seen as a simple decorative image, or seen with the symbolism it embodies.

Nancy’s website is http://nancybrassington.com

Stay tuned for Gallery Hours.