Nancy Brassington

Artist Statement

I grew up in a farming community in northern Virginia. The decorative layers of Southern life hid the sadness of my isolation, the horrors of World War II and segregation in the South. Southern repression and anxiety molded me, and I found my true identity many decades later through creativity and the process of painting. My artwork is an expression of my inner self: the woman I became as a result of growing up on a farm in rural Virginia.

I have always looked at the world around me and enjoyed seeing the forms of shadows, light and dark; the colors of nature and all man-made things. Beyond thought and feeling is the pleasure of seeing and painting this passing world of form, color, suffering, and pleasure. My desire to create is driven by that guilt, denial, and passionate desire to succeed which grew within me when I was younger.

Violence is as American as Cherry Pie
The Yellow Wallpaper
Rick & Max