Michele Randall

Artist Statement

My work responds to patterns observed in daily experiences, whether its in my home town, an urban landscape, or habitual travel experiences. I’m particularly interested in noting a sudden shift in a practiced routine or the redevelopment of familiar locations. It is the tension between stability and movement that I strive to capture in my work.

Playing with texture, color and form, I manipulate shapes which are at once familiar and obscure. I view printmaking as an opportunity to incorporate multiples in my image making technique. Each mono print is a compilation of etchings, sketches, and laser cut elements which explore duplication and capture impressions of space.

Materiality matters, whether wax, ink, wood or paper, I use various media to build a physical record of my process. My most recent muse, encaustic wax, is altered through melting, sculpting, and fusing. Scraping away layers of wax reveals the hidden artifact of time and decisions. These tactile surfaces, both smooth and textured, luminescent and dull encase printed matter and  tempt the viewer to touch even though convention forbids the opportunity.

Nerf Wars
Round and Round
Coffee Break II
Toy Box
Chestnut Trails