Mary Deutsch

Artist Statement

I knew I was an artist at a very early age because of the way I felt when I drew or painted.  There is no other feeling like being creative, it is so powerful and very fulfilling.

As an adult, I moved from Rhode Island to Pennsylvania and finally was able to study art.  I was very fortunate to have excellent teachers when I studied at the Pennsylvania State University where I received a degree in Art Education.  More recently I studied with a guest teacher who was visiting the U.S. This teacher taught me to take risks in my art work.  At times it was a monumental step for me to take.  Now when I create art I can comfortably experiment beyond my wildest dreams when applying vivid color, texture, collage, etc.  I will be eternally grateful to this very special teacher, who increased my passion to create.

I am an artist because it is the most satisfying way for me to express myself.  My inspiration comes mostly from my everyday life.  The ideas are sometimes personal experiences,  or it could be something someone says that trigger a visual picture or feeling, or something I see that looks interesting only to me.  Sometimes an idea happens so quickly that it seems to have a mind of its own.

I hope that in some way I can invite the art viewer to fantasy when they view a piece of art work that is abstract as well as being realistic.  I have been an abstract artist for the past 10 years and the unexpected results give me more pleasure than I can ever describe.

The Odd Man Out by Mary Deutsch