Martha Taylor

Artist Statement

Abundance, fruitfulness, heritage – these words express my inspirations as an artist.  I am drawn to the bounty of the earth and to the fruits of nature and of mankind’s mind and hands.  I rejoice in the human heritage of work and thought and art.

Heritage, inherit, inherent —  my goal is to capture the essence of being, the spirit or character of my subject; I believe that even inanimate objects have a true inner nature to which my art is a response.  Surface appearance –the richness of light, color, and texture – is all I have to work with.  My challenge as an artist is to use these outer characteristics to express the identity or spirit inherent in my subject.

This painting pictures a Jacob sheep, a heritage breed; the background is the traditional quilt design known as Jacob’s Ladder.   Both sheep and quilt are “ringstraked, speckled, and spotted,” as were the flocks of the patriarch Jacob in the Old Testament account.