Marlee Erwin

Artist Statement

Painting is very personal for me. It is a beautiful inner, in-depth experience and watercolor is the perfect medium. It rewards me with energy. I paint in the early morning, gentle mornings – and a dialogue ensues, a spirit of cooperation between the painting and myself. So I begin with the aim to flow, to be one with the conversation; The relaxed tones, the fluid stroke, shadow and sunlight emerging. Each phase in a painting is complete in itself. A testimony, a bond and remains forever only known by the artist.

On the Iris

Iris was the Greek goddess representing the personification of the rainbow. She was the messenger of the gods who lead the souls of dead women to the Elysian fields. The ancient Greeks planted the purple iris on the graves of women.

The iris symbolizes feminine power, love, intuition, beauty, and hope. In one painting it appears courageous, central, frontal, unfurling its petals – part enchantress, part priestess. In another like a bud, still wound around itself, encasing its full promise, trembling and expectant.

Red Iris