Lena Thynell

Artist Statement

I began watercolor painting about twenty years ago at Gerlesborg Art School in Sweden. At this art school, I was educated by many of the very best Swedish watercolor artists. This education has intensified after moving to the USA five years ago. I live in Central Pennsylvania, where I am surrounded by beautiful farms and farmland. Here you find beautiful hills and valleys, oak forests and lime-stone fed spring creeks. 

I love to paint old barns that are surrounded by a rural landscape. I also like to paint dilapidated farm houses and sheds. Fishermen’s sheds, boats and harbors attract me as well. Being outdoors, painting is very inspiring and I love it. It’s a challenge to paint outdoors while being exposed to wind, sun, rain and even snow.

When I paint, I aim to express a feeling or a mood of the object.

A Rainy Day
Dutch Bunk Barn
Old Summer Kitchen and Quince Tree
The Old Stone House
The Summer Kitchen