June Ramsey

Artist Statement

Whenever anyone asks me the question: How long have you been an artist?, my answer is always the same: “All my life.” I communicate in pictures, colors, and textures. This is how I see the world and I feel a vital need to create. It’s an intuitive process. The mediums that I use and the subjects I view, speak to me, welcoming an explorative dance. In this dance, I feel the closest to God, allowing my prayers to take form.

Painting became my choice medium in 2006. I frequently use found objects, paper, glass, and impasto mediums to enhance the textures in my paintings. The interplay of soft & hard textures with strong opposing colors is the dominant force in my work.

My work has been displayed locally and throughout Pennsylvania in various shows, galleries, and festivals. I am a proud member of the Art Alliance and the Bellefonte Art Museum. Recently, I had the privilege and the honor to be a participating artist in the Book Benches of Centre Co. I painted two benches: “Marsh Landing,” located at Millbrook Marsh and “There’s Always the Garden,” located on Science Park Rd.

Shine On Me
Cosmo Girls