Jim Bright

Artist Statement

The study of plants, animals, and people has filled my sketchbooks and studio shelves for many years.   I continue to be amazed and surprised by nature.  In spite of my continued fascination with and enjoyment of nature’s wonders, I have never been very interested in making “sculptural likenesses”.   I have emphasized, cropped, simplified, distorted, and otherwise altered the subjects, choosing to interpret rather than report.  My finished works are often influenced as much by process as by subject matter.  It is this process of sculpting, and the evolving, emerging form that is so exciting for me.  Exploring the mass and space from every angle, I do not think about the piece definitively as I am working – it seems to develop out of itself.  Many of my current works explore organic subjects that are found in some interaction with architectural forms, providing an invitation to the viewer to comment on their relationship.

Remembered Rhythms
Spinning Into Control
The Presentation
In Search of the Source by Jim Bright