Jeanne McKinney

Artist Statement

I work primarily outdoors, directly in nature, trying to capture the uniqueness and essence of a scene. A connection may be inspired by an attraction to a particular place, the interplay of light and shadow, the soothing sound of a riffle or waterfall, the feel of  a rocky climb, or the smell of a field of freshly baled hay. These natural elements trigger my desire to capture their spirit in a painted image to share with others. By working outdoors, I believe the painter not only paints the landscape, but becomes a real part of that landscape and is able to express a more authentic and honest interpretation.

I am especially concerned with the health of our regional waterways – streams and rivers – and am partnering with community groups whose work promotes conservation and improvements. By working together we can draw attention to the delicate balance that exists between man and nature and increase awareness and efforts to sustain and protect our natural resources.

My working process often begins by developing several notan studies followed by a gestural drawing in nupastel with a turpenoid wash. A variety of soft pastels are applied loosely over the underpainting working from the general to the specific. I enjoy using a limited palette of pastels to bring cohesiveness to a painting. I also believe that painting, like flyfishing, is a life long and delightful learning experience – an artistic journey of truth and discovery.

Waiting on the Tracks
River Rebirth
Amish Farmland
Nestled In
Pathway at Paradise