J.E. Crum

Artist Statement

The act of making art for me is a necessity; everything I create is essentially a self-portrait. My art is an exploration of self, memories, emotions, and the light and dark of all things. My own art keeps me in touch with my own life changes, and reveals new questions about how I choose to live my life. My overall intent is to create artworks that express emotions and evoke sensual feelings. I am not concerned with realism as much as I am with creating abstractions, exaggerating color and combining other imagery to tell personal narratives.

I enjoy utilizing the exploratory qualities of art materials to create abstractions of the human form – usually of my face and hands. I like to develop playful juxtapositions of colors and shapes within the artworks using the method of automatism. I focus on engaging in the aesthetic experience as a relaxation technique, attempting to use my art making as a way to cultivate creativity and enjoy being ‘lost’ in the process.

I dedicate my artwork to the children I teach and have taught in my exciting career I enjoy as an Elementary Art Educator in public schools.

Self-Portrait as Scylla
The Morning After, November Eighth
Dream Sequence, Phase Two
The Unruly Hair Portraits, Act II
Dream Sequence, Phase One