Deb Placky

Artist Statement

My thirst for travel and eye for composition started in the back seat of my family’s Buick as I read the map for my father and helped navigate the route for our annual summer vacation.   My entry into the world of photography began as a graphic design major in eastern Pennsylvania where I fell in love with capturing the historic doorways and wooded landscapes.

My passion still lies in noticing the stark beauty of nature and the eloquence of architectural details wherever I happen to be in the world.  I am always surprised by the elegant simplicity in the twist of a branch,  a ripple of water, the curve of a brick.  In my studio I may soften the image and highlight details  to invoke a feeling of tranquility and an appreciation for the purity of the colors and forms.

Gapstow Bridge, Central Park
Laceleaf Maple in Central Park
Live Oaks at the Beach, Jekyll Island