Cheri Harte


Cheri Harte was born in Akron, Ohio, where her family took photographs on special occasions like birthday parties, Christmas, and vacations up to Lake Erie.

When her father died when she was ten, most of those types of photographs stopped. It was later when she attended Kent State University and majoered in English and Journalism when she too a black and white photography class that she got interested in photography. She also realized how she treasured old family photographs. She became the official recorder of her family’s and friend’s life events. For her, a photo holds a memory forever whether it is a wonderful view of the mountains or the first time she set eyes on a grandchild. She loves capturing the beauty of nature through close ups of flowers, leaves, icicles on trees, and many other sights captured while walking locally in Centre County.

Cheri Harte was a high school English Teacher in Fairfax County, Virginia for twenty-seven years before she retired to Pennsylvania with her husband, who was a graduate of PEnn State and wanted to come back to Happy Valley. When her husband passed away five years ago, she decided to stay because she has become so involved with the arts community in Centre County. She has exhibited with a group of fellow women photographers (InFocus) at Schlow Library, Mt. Nittany Hospital, and the Gamble Mill Restaurant. She has also exhibited with another group of women artists (COCO) at the Art Alliance, Otto’s Pub, and Bellefonte Art Museum. She is a regular contributor at the Art Alliance for the recycling, figurative, abstract, member shows, and juried shows.

She currently lives in Liberty Hill in Boalsburg and keeps busy with many activities with the University Women’s Club, her church, art groups, tennis, and traveling.