Adrienne Waterston

Artist Statement

Sifting through the quotidian clutter, the accumulated flotsam and jetsam of our collective and personal existence, Adrienne Waterston is in search of evidence. A keen observer with a multi-faceted reservoir of experience, she draws on and is drawn to the enduring and ephemeral, reflections and refractions, of our physical and emotional universe, seeking to capture the various elements that compose a day-in-the-life. From the smallest gesture, the discarded wrapper, the shadows on the wall, the basket in the corner, she plumbs the surfaces and edges of meaning, seeking to discern what is beauty and how it resides within.

currently resides in Central Pennsylvania with her two agents of chaos, husband and assorted critters.
A Plumb 05
Acid Rain 06 by Adrienne Waterston
Sidewalks 03