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Art Alliance Gallery Downtown (AAGD) is a recent expansion of the nonprofit organization Art Alliance of Central PA. Our mission is to serve the community through the exhibition and promotion of talented contemporary artists in Centre County, the adjacent counties, and beyond. We hope to provide a platform that inspires innovation, discussion, and appreciation within Centre County’s dynamic arts communities and the general public in collaboration with existing creative institutions in the area.

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In Focus

Opening reception: Friday, March 3, 2017, 7 – 9 pm Art Alliance Gallery Downtown, 123 S Fraser St. State College, PA 16801

On view: March 3, 2017 – 26, 2017

Today’s world is saturated with imagery, and photography features prominently in our everyday lives. It provides the inhuman ability to freeze time, to capture a feeling, and to share our experiences with others. Photography validates the mundane and asks us over and over again to take a second look. It allows us to see beauty in small details and encourages us to share those moments with the world around us.  

Art Alliance Gallery Downtown’s newest exhibition, In Focus, features seven Centre County photographers as they invite us to see the world through their lenses. With a variety of interests and subject-matter, this exhibition explores the diverse aesthetics of our lives and brings the beauty of our world into focus.  

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images from top left: Chuck Fong, Stacie Bird, Gary Schubert, Deb Placky; bottom from left, Michael Pelikan, Art Heim, Anne Cortese


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